For centuries the Wards have protected Earth from the Umbra in secret, but now something has changed that threatens life as we know it.

Stacey Trampler thinks she has her life figured out. A kindergarten teacher by day, and dreams of conquest with her thrash metal band and the roller derby circuit by night, Stacey is as happy as she’s ever going to be. But her wild life gets a lot more complicated when she finds her lovers missing from their home and a stranger with even stranger abilities inside. And with him come the Umbra…the dark shape-shifting creatures who have taken her missing boyfriend and girlfriend.

Barely escaping the unspeakable creatures with the aid of Fenton, Stacey is forced to join him and the Wards in their battle against the Umbra if she is to have any hope of finding Paul and Jasper alive.

But will Stacey be able to survive long enough herself to see them? To survive the Umbra? To survive the Shadow Man and whatever plans he has for Earth?

Read Ward, the first action and horror-packed dark fantasy novel from C. Bilici now.