Kebabs of the Dead is an upcoming comedy-horror series being developed by deBACLE Media, created, written and directed by Cem Bilici.

Three women in a kebab van in the suburbs of Melbourne face the supernatural and downright undead as an evil curse is put on their place of business while dealing with the daily horrors of being modern women in a service industry.

As if dealing with misogyny, racism, being talked down to and navigating dating and family wasn’t enough, now they have to contend with banshees, vampires, shadow people, zombies and whatever is causing all of this in the first place.

One is a no nonsense, takes no crap from anyone, always been called a troublemaker, young Turkish-Australian business woman and owner of the van.T

he second is more girly, bubbly, some might even call innocent or naive, Afghan-Australian young woman who gave up cosmetology on a whim to experience life…which somehow features a kebab van.

The third…well she might be a ghost. Okay, she’s definitely a ghost of an Irish convict, and now she’s trapped in a kebab van instead of haunting the descendants of her captors in Brighton.

Together, they serve up interesting conversation while slinging kebabs and trying to make a killing…before the killing becomes all too literal.

One thing’s for certain, they won’t be the same if they make it out the other side of this ordeal…one way, or another!