A diverse group of survivors and an unemployed young man searching for his family must survive an apocalyptic demon invasion, though one of their own might stand in their way on their escape from Melbourne.

Hellfall: Escape of the Damned is a serialised 6 x 15 min post-apocalyptic horror-drama web series created by Cem Bilici.

Set in contemporary Melbourne, we deal with an attack on the planet by demons and the survivors from the city’s diverse peoples, its cast of characters representing that diversity.

With the struggle of daily survival and dread of supernatural enemies from The Walking Dead … the insidiousness of having your identity taken and body used by intelligent invaders with powers beyond imagining like the White Walkers from Game of Thrones … the hellish torment of demons on Earth from Hellraiser

Driven by character drama, Hellfall: Escape of the Damned is an unabashedly Australian genre story rooted in a love and passion for the genre.

Hellfall: Escape of the Damned is designed as a stand-alone web series, though also serves as a proof of concept for a larger series and universe with potential for multi-year spin-offs, novels, graphic novels and video games.

Hellfall – TV series with multi-season potential building on the web series’ characters, plots, and growing the series universe.

Firebones – Standalone focusing on a single character set five years after Hellfall. A Firebones smuggler, sneaking supplies to and from human settlements in hiding from the demons owing to their being untraceable, only looking out for themselves. But then they get involved.

The Bladelands – Series set a 10-15 years after Hellfall. Rebellious sword wielding men and women roam the country dealing with demons where they can. Called Bladelanders by common folk and the demons alike, they are almost legend. We follow one such Bladelander who lost it all in the Hellfall and blaming himself seeks redemption through his sword. Through The Bladelands, we see what life has become and visit old favourite characters through a more action based series.