An SIS data specialist and CIA cyber threat analyst team up to uncover the explosive truth and consequences in the aftermath of a global hacker collective going militant.

Set in a near future of blockchain dominance, self driving and flying vehicles, the commercialisation of space and AI and global internet driven by satellite networks and 6G technology.

The world has changed forever, at least on the surface. Beneath the glimmering veneer however things remain very much the same. The rich get richer and their divide from the AI and robot destabilised working force grows ever wider. Wars are still being fought, though increasingly the battlefields are digital, and where brute force is required it is with automated surgical precision.

When a spike in global serious cybercrimes culminates in militant activity, the leaders of the world believe it to be state sanctioned war, though they cannot find the origin of the attacks. A group calling themselves Sovereign claim responsibility after the crimes escalate to secrets and IP being stolen from countries and mega corporations alike, using stolen funds from aging banks and hacking cryptocurrency exchanges to fund their war. The corporations lobby governments and pull all the strings their decades of campaign funding has bought, which forces the governments of the world into action.

Their solution is White Card — a global alliance of intelligence operatives with carte blanche authority, each specialising in cyberwarfare and crimes.

When one of White Card operatives is revealed as a mole and high profile targets are assassinated around the world, the true reach of Sovereign is revealed.

Amid the turmoil and mistrust, two loner White Card operatives — an SIS data specialist and CIA cyber threat analyst — form an alliance to find the origins of Sovereign and their true intentions, which will change the world forever one way or another.